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Score & Grade

Calculate school grades quickly and easily!

This first version is designed especially for Finnish teachers and the Finnish 'kouluarvosana' grade system... but we are happy to add support for other systems, just ask!

Score And Grade

Getting Started

The display is divided into three parts:

  1. Summary
  2. Limits
  3. Result


Each line shows a possible grade and score (or range of scores) required to achieve that grade. The lowest passing grade is shown in red.


Configure the maximum score and pass percentage here. You can also select whether half or quarter points are used.


Select the score, and see the resulting grade. (The selected grade is also highlighted in the Summary window, in green.)


Tap the Gear icon to show the Settings menu.

Feedback & Support

We really want to hear your comments and ideas for new features, so please get in touch!

Please email scoreandgrade(at) to get support or give feedback.