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The most accurate, reliable, and flexible GPS App for iPhone!


One of the best Apps ever! ★★★★★ - by tmuecke - v4.3 - 30-Jan-2013

Unbelieveable that I am the first one to rate this App. ...offers great features. ...and is a must have for everybody who wants to have precise information... Perfect and thank you!!!

★★★★★ - by The Knack - v4.2 - Jan 17, 2013

The best GPS and Heads UP app found. Creator responds quickly to comments and suggestions.

Wonderful App 10/10 ★★★★★ - by Brimstin85 - v4.1 - 22-Nov-2012

The information is large, easy to read, accurate, and intuitively laid out. The app is easy to use and very capable. It has plenty of advanced features too. Worth every penny.

The best dashboard app in the store ★★★★★ - v2.7 - 19-Aug-2011

The display is very clear and easy to read in a car and on a bike. The dev is very quick to respond to feedback as well.

Dashometer - Ian Ray


Watch the data you care about in real-time. Track your trip on the built-in Map. Escape from Zombies. Share your route. Ideal for walking, jogging, cycling, motorbiking or driving.

Simply tap the information displayed on the dashboard to configure, control, and customize it...

Use Alarms to escape from zombies or find your car — also great for enduro events, geocaching, and more! Bookmark interesting places, to return to later — or share with friends. Review previous trips – how does this trip compare?

iPod Touch and Wi-Fi only iPad users NOTE! you need an external GPS receiver.


Dashometer is regularly updated with new functionality based on your feedback. We really want to hear your comments and ideas for new features, so please get in touch. We are already working on the next update!

Please email dashometer(at)gmail.com to get support or give feedback.


Dashometer includes full in-App help which is included here too!

Getting Started

Tap the Start button and a GPS signal indicator will appear.

Tap the signal indicator to stop the GPS.

An animation is shown while searching for your location. Signal strength is shown as 1-5 bars (more bars is better).

Dashboard Overview

The dashboard displays telemetry values including: Coordinate, Heading, Altitude, Speed, Distance and Time. Tap on values to switch their display mode.

Most values have units and you can tap on the unit to choose between various metric and imperial options.

Many values also respond to a long-tap in order to further configure them.

Modes, Units & Actions


Tap values to switch their display mode.

HeadingHeading, Hold, Alarm Direction
AltitudeCurrent, Minimum, Maximum
SpeedCurrent, Average, Trip, Maximum, Pace
DistanceTrip, Odometer, Target, Alarm
TimeMoving, Stopped, Target, Alarm, Timer


Select between various metric and imperial units by tapping the unit itself.

Headingdegrees (magnetic or true North)
Altitudemetres, feet
Speedkilometres per hour, miles per hour, knots
Distancekilometres, miles, nautical miles, metres, or feet


Long-tap works for some objects on the dashboard:

CoordinateSwitch display style
HeadingJump to Heading Settings
Heading (Hold)Reset desired heading
Heading (Alarm)Jump to Alarm Settings
SpeedReset Dashboard
Speed LimitChoose speed limit
Distance (Odometer)Reset Odometer
Gear IconJump to Display Settings


The dashboard displays GPS telemetry data.

Telemetry data is organized into trips which include useful information such as distance, average speed, start & end location, etc.

The current trip includes route data if enabled in Settings.

Tap the Start button to activate the GPS.

If a trip was previously started then you will be prompted to either continue or start a new one.

Note: Starting a new trip automatically saves the previous trip summary, and saved trips can be viewed via the Settings menu. (Saved trips do not include route data.)

Stopped Mode

Dashometer automatically switches to Stopped Mode when it detects that you are not moving.

With very good signal strength (4-5 bars) then this stop detection can be within a matter of seconds, however when signal strength is poor (and at low speeds) then it may take a lot longer.


Displays your current (or last known) location.

Tap to:

Tap the crosshair icon to show the location on the map.

Share Location

The current location can be shared via multiple services and in various formats including plain-text, vCard, KML or GPX file.

Note: These sharing options are also available for locations on the Map, for Bookmarks, and for Trips.


Displays your current (or last known) heading. Long-tap to show Heading settings.

Use the Hold mode to help maintain a heading. The display shows deviation in degrees beneath the desired heading. Long-tap to reset the desired heading to current heading.

Alarm Direction mode helps guide you towards the Proximity Alarm location. The number indicates the deviation in degrees from the straight-line heading to the alarm location. Long-tap to jump to Alarm Settings.


Displays speed-related information. Tap to change display mode.

An icon indicates whether you are travelling faster or slower than the average speed.


Long-tap Speed to:

You can save the current trip information, and saved trips can be viewed via the Settings menu.

Route data is not saved.

Note: Reset does not affect Bookmarks or settings in the Settings menu (but Reset Trip stops active alarms).


Tap the Gear icon to show the Settings menu.


Use the standard pinch-to-zoom and drag-to-move methods to interact with the map (including two-finger-tap to zoom-out).

Tap the crosshair icon to automatically track the current location. Tap the zoom icon to automatically fit the entire route on to the screen. Tap again (or drag the map) to turn automatic tracking off.

Tap the globe icon to choose the map view:

If enabled, then the Proximity Alarm is shown as a red circle overlaying the map.

Note: Map functionality requires an Internet connection.

Map Pins

Pins show:

Bookmark visibility is controlled from the action menu.

Tap the map pins to see more information. From the information screen you can find the address of a location (reverse-geocode), create a new bookmark, and copy and share the location details.

The 'Coordinate' pin may be dragged freely around the map.


If enabled in Settings, then Dashometer records the route and draws it on the map with a blue line.

The map action menu allows route visibility to be controlled, and route data to be exported.

Route data (also known as "GPS Tracks") can be exported in a variety of formats.

Tap the icon to send the route data to another application. Note: this feature only works if you have compatible applications installed.

The route data can also be sent via email.


Tap the Gear icon to show the settings menu, from where it is possible to:

Setting Shortcuts

The Dashboard supports a few shortcuts for jumping directly to settings.


Display-related settings are found here.

In Heads-up Display (HUD) mode the display is mirrored so that it may be reflected in your car windshield, thus creating a HUD effect!


Configure various swipe gestures for quick access to your favourite features. Both one and two-finger swipes are available.


The countdown Timer can be used as a reminder to take a break after travelling for a certain period.

The Target alarm triggers after a certain distance has been travelled.

The final alarm actually has two modes:

Speed Alerts

Dashometer can alert you if your speed is too fast or too slow.

Alerts are similar to Alarms, and continue to work even when Dashometer is running in the background.

When Speed Alerts are active the main display has an extra button (near Speed value) which shows alert details; tap the button to:

When triggered, the Speed value changes colour; if the main display is not visible then a message box pops-up too.


Choose the source for heading display.

Compass + GPSMagnetic compass used when stopped or at low speeds, otherwise GPS is used.
CompassMagnetic compass only.
GPSGPS only.

The allowed deviation range can be set for Hold mode. When outside of this range the Heading value changes colour, and a warning sound will be played after a configurable delay.

Note: the warning sound is only played when the heading display shows Hold mode.


Organize or delete bookmarks by clicking the Edit button. Tap the icons on the bottom bar to:

Bookmark Editing

Tap on a Bookmark to show a detailed view where the bookmark can be edited or shown on the map (the map pin can be dragged in order to fine-tune the bookmark position).

The location field accepts all popular coordinate formats (which can be pasted from your favourite website or search engine).

Alternatively you can enter an address in the location field and it will be transformed to a coordinate.


The trips folder contains saved trip data.

Organize saved trips by clicking the Edit button. Tap the icons on the bottom bar to:

Tap on a Trip to show a detailed view.

The Trip data can be exported as text or in the comma-separated values (CSV) file format for import to spreadsheets and other analysis tools.

Route Recording

Route recording can be enabled/disabled at any point in a trip, previously recorded data is not lost.

Note: Route data is destroyed when Reset All is selected.


Dashometer can be configured to Auto Start when first launched.

The current trip can be paused while Dashometer is in the background.

The accuracy of speed display can be set. (By default no decimal digits are shown in order to maximize readability.)

Control whether magnetometer calibration alerts are displayed.


Accuracy depends on both signal strength (shown as 1-5 bars) and speed.

When first starting Location Services the accuracy may be quite poor, but will typically improve over time as more and more GPS satellites are detected.

At walking speeds four bars are needed for accurate speed display, but three bars are often enough for accurate distance measurement.

For Proximity Alarm it is recommended to set the accuracy greater than ±20 metres (or ±60 feet) unless you have very good signal strength (4-5 bars). It is worth verifying the Proximity Location on the map if you require high-accuracy.

What's New in Version 8.0

View the full changelog.

Feedback & Support

We really want to hear your comments and ideas for new features, so please feel free to get in touch!

Please email dashometer(at)gmail.com to get support or give feedback.